August 13, 2006



So things didn't get back on track since the last post. But I have been floating around out there reading blog posts and keeping in touch occasionally with the community.

Alas, other things had diverted my attention.

Horse, a mate whom I play and work with, induced me back into World of Warcraft, but this time on a new server - Eonar, a PVE server where you can't be jumped by enemy forces.

3 months later, I have a level 60 Night Elf Druid (yes, this time I went Alliance to check out what I missed in the original beta oh so many months ago) and a new guild called Swords of Justice.

I've also been checking out Sacred, a crpg which resembles Diablo 2 - although it IS a bigger game throughout, it just isn't as intuitive as Diablo 2.

Other than that, I've read everything on my bookshelf again, including the new Robin Hobb book "Shaman's Crossing" - which although wasn't as good as her Assassin's series, was good as her Liveship trilogy.

Work is as labourious and dull as it always was. People have asked me what I'm still doing there after a year of my suggesting I was going to leave but I have plans afoot. That sadly require money. So I must stay put for now and, when the whip is cracked, get to it.

I'll write up a bigger and more fun packed post later.