January 14, 2007

My timing sucks!

I have a job!


...now that I have World of Warcraft working...


Infinite time vs lack of things to do has now been replaced by lack of time vs infinite gameplay on WoW.


January 11, 2007


It's been about a month since I last visted my blog so in the New Year spirit, I decided to make another post.


The last month has been a bit dream-like for me, what with looking for work and staring around in a sense of bewilderment at the scenery. Life is not what it was like in London but I think I'm finally over the honeymoon "holiday" period that everyone talks about when people emigrate - you know, that sense that you belong somewhere else and that you're only visiting, and that eventually, you will get back on a plane and soon re-integrate back in that place that you "belong" in.

Yesterday, it rained in Joondalup. Not for the first time in the last month I might add but it was an odd day for weather. The rain made it feel exactly the reverse that it does in London when it rains; instead of feeling clear and refreshed, it felt muggy and humid.

Things I miss about England:

1) Television Shows.

Here the shows suck. No, really. Much worse than even Channel 5. I would pay to be back on British TV. Hmm I wonder...

2) Keyboard region.

Arrrghhhh.... Why is the @ above the 2 and not above the ' where the " is. Who decided to move the \? For what possible reason would there be for making such minor but amazingly horrible changes to the keyboard?!?

The worst thing is that I want to change my keyboard settings back to the UK but if I find work, I'd have to do it there as well, which I may not be able to.

Elsha has a job now - she works for a big financial institution as Customer Support - Or Customer Relations as she is called now. I, on the other hand, do not have a job and am finding it a struggle to get work. Or at least, I was until Christmas and the New Year ended. Now, everywhere seems to be picking up the pieces (I can only imagine how many companies have had christmas party gossip, office liasons beginning/ending and people leaving to get away from those they accosted/been accosted by - ah the cynic in me).

And finally, I have my own pc on the internet. In theory. The PC belongs to Elsha's brother and is strictly on loan. It's on the internet through Internet Connection Sharing. Hence the theoretical part.

ICS - why do they have to make it so hard. Mind you, I'm not surprised. Anything that comes with a Microsoft tag should have fine print that reads "...if you get this to work, great - send your cv to us, we need people like you".

At the moment, I've taken great pains to re-install World of Warcraft (mainly to occupy my time until I get work - you have no idea how boring it is being on your own in a house without any of your personal effects save for a few boxed dvd sets) which involves installing via cds and then downloading and installing around 1gb of patches.

So far so good. All I have to do now is get up at 4am my time for those 7pm UK time Raids in Zul'Gurub.