January 14, 2007

My timing sucks!

I have a job!


...now that I have World of Warcraft working...


Infinite time vs lack of things to do has now been replaced by lack of time vs infinite gameplay on WoW.



IcyChick said...

Congrats Cruc

Heard you and the lady had both found jobs and would be travelling together - way to go.

Also heard that the transitions been a lot easier then you both anticipated - another hurray.

As to what has happened to my blog - lets just say I just never got into it - not much of a talker (who am I kidding ... )

Crucifer said...

But...but.... if you are not much of a talker, how did you know I posted in your blog?

Heh, I'm not much of a blogger either but it helps gets frustration out of the way :)