February 01, 2007

Picking up...

As you may have guessed, the past few weeks have been a blur of activity as I've been getting to grips with my new job. It has not been an easy start nor did I expect it to be. The computing environment is very much different from my old workplace, with the emphasis on very.

As its a government position I'm loathe to reveal details but essentially the environment is completely locked down - meaning, for those of you with less than perfect computer understanding, that permissions have been stripped from the users.

This of course creates multiple problems for the administrators. When things go wrong, it might be the program or it might be that something that needs to be run isn't being run.
But, even with a steep learning curve, I'm slowly lowering myself into work.

Other news, Friday 26th January was Australia Day. This is basically the day when the Colonists arrived in Australia en masse - what the Aboriginals call Invasion Day (or even Survival Day because at least some of their ancestors managed to escape with their lives), because they were invaded by Europeans intent on colonizing/conquering the country.

People over here have a public holiday. People go to the beaches, they have bbqs, they sit in town squares drinking beer listening to music. Sometimes, all 3 things at once, I guess.

I spent most of the time sleeping, playing WoW or watching Season 9 of Stargate SG1. We had already got through Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy. I have just one thing to say - even though I hated the character of Addison Shepherd (played by Kate Walsh) initially, I now love said character.

A) She's very attractive (in that 1940's style of Hollywood Actress)
B) She gets some terrific scenes and lines.
C) She's not like Meredith Grey - Thank God.

We've also been loaned Season 1 of Alias (in exchange for the 2 seasons of Grey's Anatomy that we have) and I managed to bag the first 8 episodes of Farscape - after all, Brian Bowden and Claudia Black have already been introduced to us in SG1.

Other than that, I spent my time off playing Wow:BC and really enjoying myself. The expansion has easily opened up new areas of gameplay and a lot of people are having lots of fun. FOr the time being though, the onus is on levelling up, doing quests and having fun. All too soon, it will turn to raids and we will as a guild go back to doing that.

Finally, I have been browsing the blogging community again. I've managed to locate a few Australians out there, as well as one who's made the amazing and counter-trip to the UK. It's pretty weird to read her blog about all the differences between Oz and the Uk, but from her perspective - she can't believe the UK has Argos, and I can't believe they don't have it here...