December 03, 2006

Topsy Turvy

Singapore came and went and now we're firmly ensconced in Perth, Western Australia.

Its interesting that when you chat to people from the UK, they seem to think Australia is this overgrown savannah where you might expect to see crocodiles prowling the local swamps waiting for the latest victim to trot past.

Alas, Australia is as built up as England, perhaps more so since they have less history to worry about and more space to account for future growth. Looking out the window, I see nice clean houses with less than 30 years of history. The roads are all clean and wide, and the paving stones have yet to appear weather-worn by acid rain.

The greatest benefit though is the blue sky. It stretches from the top straight down to the bottom. In London, you would have had clouds, smog and light pollution that would have given a dismal bright grey look the closer the sky got to the horizon. Here, nothing but blue. So blue in fact, that it actually hurts the eye and makes the green grass look very green. Not dark green, but bright green.

I feel like I'm in a painting - that's how bloody good it is.

I'll see about getting a photo uploaded so you can all get jealous.