August 29, 2005

An Overdue Update

well its been nearly a long month since I posted last and I wish I could say lots of good things have happened. Alas, I've been ill for practically the whole time with one of those... erm... embarrassing illnesses that seem to crop up every now and again and is kept out of polite conversation.

I took a couple of days off work and was reminded why I was looking for work elsewhere. My boss rang me a couple of times and wanted to know if I was coming in - not from any concern for my wellbeing but because she wanted to go to the Passport office and my not coming in was preventing her from going.

Deciding to look after myself for once, I said no and she went out anyway. Nice.

Job-wise I am still looking for a better place but like with flats, you spend ages looking around, maybe get to see one or two really nice places and then find out that either they're not good enough or there is a catch - and you go back to looking for that perfect place.

Not feeling very well has only made it worse.

I haven't been playing WoW much. Susan's Dad and Step-mum came over from Oz via Canada and so we've been doing the flat up. We spend friday, saturday and sunday morning with them and had a great time. Now we're back to vegging out until the 8th when we go down to St. Ives for a week long holiday in Cornwall.

This saturday I'm doing another stint of paintballing but first I have to get checked out by the Doctors to make sure I am fit to go.

Roleplaying has taken off again. We've been trying to meet up every week or so to keep continuity and so far it all seems to be working. The world-designing is really taking off and we're mostly having fun. Except Jamie who thinks Dwarves should look like Dwarves and Elves should look like Elves. But shouldn't dance. Especially under stars.

I will be posting a bit more about that and WoW when I'm feeling a little better.

August 03, 2005

Scythe's gone AWOL, Sarge!

Tomorrow (Thursday 4th August 2005) will be Brett's last day at work.

I am both dreading it and looking forward to it all in the same breath because although on the one hand that old comraderie I have come to expect from going to work will be gone, I will have no reason to stay there anymore. This is a turning point in my life and I need to realise that there is more to the world than my crummy job where other people take advantage of my skills and abilities.

To mark the occassion we had a good old Red Faction game night, where Bufu, Horse, Kitten, Scythe and even Assassin-UK logged in and hunted each other like stalking tigers. It was great fun and I think we will be doing it a lot more in future.

Here's to you Scythe, *big gulp of wine*

Gone, but never forgotten.