March 18, 2005


I was on the bus the other day and I overheard another conversation - this time between three school children about how "utterly rubbish" buses were.

Statements like the ones below were made:

"They're filthy. Always full of litter and rubbish."

"They slow down traffic."

"You have to wait for them. And then they cost £1.20 per ride. What happens if you want to take a quick bus ride?
My dad says he would rather take his car."

There was more but you get the gist of it.

As they were kids I allowed them their skewed perceptions. Their frame of mind only extends to what they know and that isn't much, to be honest.

What I wanted to say to them was:

"Buses don't slow traffic down, bad motorists do."

This is something that really pisses me off, no end.

Buses pick up and drop off people. Therefore, you'd expect people to not park in or around bus stops. In fact, you'd expect people to be sympathetic when buses have to stop in the middle of the road to pick up and drop people off because of the idiots who have blocked off the buses in the first place. But no, they ignore this fact and target the bus driver and his 50 or so passengers.

Why is it motorists target buses with such vitriol? It's almost as if motorists have joined a brand new club - that of the selfish "think only of thine self" club.

"Instead of driving everywhere, why not walk (especially if it's a short distance away)?"

I'm tired of people treating luxuries like everyday boring shite. Public transport is ace. Think of London without any kind of public transport.

Rant over.


I was going to leave this post without mentioning WoW but I don't think I can (can you spot the signs of addiction? I can!)

Crucifer is now level 27 and solidly rising. Hardly a day goes by without a fight with the Alliance, most of them ending with me dead (although I have won a fight or two).

From level 22 on in, the game content is brand-spanking new and pretty good, for the most part.

Solo questing is still going strong but now, with the threat of death at the hands of Alliance players, grouping is becoming more of a necessity. Besides which, the game becomes much more colourful with other players in your team.

I suppose that's why it's an MMO...

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