January 06, 2006

Collaborative Writing Part 1

"And do write more, put up a story online on a blog, you'll be surprised at the comments (good and bad)."

If you read the comment to the last post, this was what TheNumNum suggested I do.
Since the only things I really care to write about is roleplaying and this blog, I've decided to start up a new project for myself, loosely entitled "Writing up Roleplaying".

As Roleplaying is a collaborative effort by all the players involved, what better way to write it all up than to create a Wiki dedicated to our own peculiar gaming sessions.

I'm actually very excited by this because having a Wikispace will not only allow me to upload any and all information that I've collected or authored over the past 14 years so that people can read up and work away from the personal sessions, but it also allows my fellow players - those both in this country and abroad - to add their bits as well.

Here you will find a whole collection of stories I've written up over these past years and just reading them, you can really see the improvements I've made with character viewpoints, emotions, conversations, etc. I'm actually impressed by all the mistakes I've made and how I've moved myself to correct them.

On other news, I've been hit by a particularly nasty piece of spyware/malware that keeps on messing up my google searches in Internet Explorer, and so I've decided to split with Micro$oft and go with Opera.

I'm especially taken with Opera's ability to continue from your last location, meaning that if you're a bit of a wanderer when it comes to surfing, you can actually go back to where you last were, rather than having to work out all over again just what it was you doing in that last session.

And finally, another co-worker has decided to try out World of Warcraft. I know, I haven't mentioned Wow of late. That's because Crucifer long ago hit level 60. Azaghul is now about level 36 and my current character, Istarian the Tauren Druid, is now about level 25.

But I've decided to try my hand at Starcraft again and this time I'm going to actually beat the Expansion - Broodwars. I've also decided to try my hand at the other expansion packs.


Alecya Giovanni said...

I know next to nothing about role play, which makes me a terrible geek. I did it in high school but it was mostly Star Wars, which I havea feeling isnt quite the same.

I do hope that you are going to keep coming back to reader meet author. I liked what you wrote, and would love to have you around. We need someone refreshing like you to keep us on our toes. Otherwise we'll drown in the tripe erotica I have a tendency to write.

x and o-

Crucifer said...

Mmm... Roleplaying falls into three main categories.

Dungeoneering, which is where you roll dice, fight things and generally mess around for a session.

Storytelling is where you all try and keep the story going for as long as possible and actively help out the GM by adding events and encounters and actually becoming a mini-GM on occasion. This keeps the story fresh for everyone. Rolling dice in storytelling is not so important, just keeping the story flowing.

The third category is L.A.R.P - Live Action Role Playing - but I've never had much to do with that. That is REALLY geeky!

As for coming back, never fear, I'm not leaving Reader-Meet-Author. :)

Alecya Giovanni said...

Good. I'd be heartbroken. :)

Yeah, I've done more of the dice and mess around, really...but with Star Wars...you know...

I am a geek aren't I?