May 14, 2007

Learning all over again

So, this is what I'm using at work:


That's right, I've been told to use a Macbook. This is because in my new job as Software Tester, I have to test all kinds of websites on different browsers - Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Opera 9.2., Firefox2 - and Safari, the Mac Browser.

Which means that occasionally I have to dip my toes into toes into the tepid waters of the Mac OS. I had a play around with it yesterday and found it ... quite daunting, actually.

Everything is there that is on the Windows version but subtley different. Different enough to actually make you scratch your head and wonder how to get it to work like Windows. And then, of course, you wonder if Mac users have the same problem with Windows - do they sit there scratching their head and wondering how to get it to work like a Mac?

Anyway, day 1 was interesting, to say the least, and I'm ready to go back for more.

* That's not my desk by the way. Mine has nothing on it at the moment.

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SwissToni said...

I use a mac at home and a PC at work, and to be honest the only thing that catches me out is when I reach for shift and the number 2 key on my PC to get an @, or where the @ key is on a PC to get the "" on a mac.

Mac OS X is brilliant. It's everthing Windows Vista (and XP for that matter) wish they were but will never be.

It's a hell of a lot more stable, for one thing.

And what the hell is the second mouse button for anyway?


(and nice work on the job, btw.... that's the kind of interview you dream of, right?)