May 07, 2007

...To Boldly Go...

"Hey , Check this out!"

"Mmm what is it?"

"It's a job where you play computer games!"

"Mmm. It's a job where you have to 'test' websites of computer games."

"You should apply for it mate."

"I have no qualifications in software testing or in any of the listed requirements for that position. Beyond playing computer games, I can't see why they would even want me for an interview."

"You never know unless you apply for it."

Which is why I did apply for it, with a jokey email, never once thinking I may actually get a response.

Imagine my astonishment when I receive a reply email:

"Well, you are correct. You do not meet any qualifications for the listed position, however we are still very much interested in meeting with you. Would you be available for an interview?"

So, I attend the interview, am asked lots of questions like:

"Do you know .Net?"

- NO

"Have you had at least 6 months experience of Linux"

- NO

"have you ever done any software testing?"

- NO

"Have you played World of Warcraft?"

- Err. Is this a trick question?

"No. So have you?"

- Well... Yes. Hasn't everyone?

"No. Have you played Unreal Tournement?"

- The original or the 2003/2005 versions?

"Good enough answer. What other Online games have you played?"

- City of Heroes, Silk Roads Online, The Matrix Online...Phantasy Star Online.

Next day, I receive the email I've been waiting for:

"Congratulations. You have been offered the position of Software Tester."

... Wait.

I've been offered a job based on the list of Online games I've played?!?

Anyway, I cannot go into more details, mainly due to the Non-disclosure Agreement I signed when I said yes to the job. All I can say is I have no idea what the future holds for me.

Hopefully, lots of game playing.

P.S. It's Night of the Demon. Movie review to follow.

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Javaira said...

That is seriously awesome. Now you need to work up the ladder then we can build a corportate relationship with the company you work for and our cafe. Then everyone will play PC games and there will be no escape. Muhahah