July 06, 2007

Back to the drawing board #2

Right after my last post (on the monday before last), one of my old work colleagues rang me.

"Hey, I heard you were out of work. Do you fancy coming back here? We really need some help and everyone here remembers your work!"

I'm not entirely sure how he managed to find out I was out of work. At that point in time I only told one other guy about my being let go, so I'm guessing it was him. Presumably he told one of his mates where I used to work, and word spread verbally.

The fact that they wanted me back perked me up a lot. I don't think I did that good a job there, swapping enthusiasm for technical skills but it seems they think I did a wonderful job.

So, after informing the guy hiring me that I was really looking for permanent work (better to be honest and open, is my motto), I sent off my details via the recommended contract agency.

30 minutes later and I was hired. The agency rep, who's never met me, had to go through standard agency policy and pull me in for an interview, even though he had the contract signed up and ready to go.

In that interview, he confessed that this was the fastest hire he's ever had. He didn't even know I existed an hour before I rang and an hour later, I'm not only on his books but I'm pulling in a decent amount of pay!

The good news is that everyone here is aware of my current dilemma - I'm still looking for permanent work but doing the contract until I manage to get it sorted. In the meantime, this place gets another contractor who knows the ropes for a bit longer.


Javaira said...

Awesome news. :)

B1RDIE Num Num said...

Hmm, chap, think about the proper contracting option for longer.

As for permanent, define where you want to go, what you have, where you are starting, and whack down a plan of action to get you there.

Pretty sure you'll make it happen, but its ups and downs mate. All the way...