July 13, 2007


Is it freaky or weird not to have much interest in music?

Most bloggers, I have noticed, have a section dedicated to what music they're interested in or which bands they enjoy - alternatively, they have something like SwissToni's "Earworms of the Week".

Me? I barely know the names of the tracks being played let alone have enough for an "Earworms of the Month".

Only two bands particularly shine out for me:

1) Gwen Stefani.

Pretty much whatever she does, I like. I stuck her original album onto an mp3 player and listened to it when going to work and I liked what I heard. Occasionally, she does an annoying track with grating girl-like screeches but that's easily forgiven.

2) Sol Invictus.

A Neofolk/Folk Noir "band", I've had a hankering for them ever since my elder brother introduced me to them back in 1991 - indeed, my avatar piccie is taken from them.

They're not really a band in the main sense; the lead singer, Tony Wakeford, sings and does some percussion work, and there are numerous guest musicians who are invited to join in on the work.

I did once play the music to some Old Ealonians, which was a pretty bad mistake. These two Old Ealonians did not easily understand that Sol Invictus was not about making money but about making music.

"They should get a professional Singer to do the lyrics"

Yes and quite possibly get a professional band to play the music as well, yes?

Anyway, I like them but it's not the sort of thing you can normally bring up in a music conversation/discussion:

"So, what bands do you like?"

"Oh, I like [insert name of band]."

"Hmm, I like [different name of band]"

"Nice one. What about you Crucifer?"

Oh, I like Sol Invictus.

"Mm? Who? Anyway..."

So, back to my original question. Is it freaky or weird not to have much interest in music?


Javaira said...

Gee I hope not, because I am in the same boat.

It is odd because Willett is very into music and I really like just letting him find new music and choosing what we listen too.

I do have a personal preference, but it just isn't a big deal.

Cat said...

Hello, I've stalked you here via your comments at mine...

Music's my big passion - I can date every event in my life to a soundtrack and my head's so full of song lyrics that there's no room for anything else. My greatest pleasures are a new band, a brilliant CD or a live gig. But, I definitely don't think it's weird that other people don't feel the same. Everyone's different, right?

Now ask me about sport, and I'll tell you I don't like a single one - watching or playing. Many people would call that weird.

Crucifer said...

Cat: I hope you don't think I was stalking you, just that I've seen your comments on various other blogs that I read [SwissToni's mainly] and liked your blog.

So if you have anyone to blame, it's Mr. ST.