February 10, 2010

Return to Writing

So. Months have passed and no blogging. What have I been doing all this time?

Well, for a start, I've been enjoying my free time. I have had heaps of ideas for blogs - for example, why is it still snowing in England! - but absolutely no time alloted to spend on actually writing about it.

I know, I know, make time for the important things. But, last year I had plenty of other things that needed to be done and took up all my time.

Aside from that, I did continue to read posts in the blogosphere. There have been plenty of things going on that caught my attention and kept me interested.

But for now, consider me returned to house and hearth, and posts will continue once more to flow.


Cap'n John said...

Welcome back.

Re: The Snow. The weather is topsy turvy here in L.A., too. We've had it raining on & off for several weeks now. Yeah, that's typical for winter, but it's sure as hell not typical for a Los Angeles' winter. We're supposed to get a week or so of rain in October or November, and that's it. Not rain spread out over several weeks.

It's a sign. Gaia is pissed off with us messing up her planet and not doing anything to fix it, so now she's taking things into her own hands.

Crucifer said...

Here in Perth WA, its been sunny for 70 days straight. We just had 4 days of overcast a little sprinkle of rain, and now back to a sunny spell.

That would make for an interesting MMO, by the way. Gaia vs Humans.

Wow Panda said...

Now I remember where I saw your link! it is from Cap's blog!.

I love that ancient Egyptian God story of yours, I read it several times and enjoyed it so much. I have made a link on my blog and hope you don't mind I am using the same title just quoted.

Wow Panda said...

Here is the link to the original story of yours:

Short but powerful, almost like reading the story line of lord of the rings (the actual story line, the entire one, is much more interesting than the movie).

Crucifer said...

Hi WoW Panda,

No problems with linking me.

I wrote the story originally as a short bio for a Dungeons & Dragons character in a tabletop game.

The Reader Meet Author Blog was designed to be a way for bloggers to write up something and pass it amongst fellow amateur writers. I did a few more pieces so if you liked that piece you might want to delve back in the blog.

Glad you liked it so much, I had lots of fun writing it.

Wow Panda said...

Thank you for the piece. I can imagine you must had a lot of fun writing it, because
You have no idea how much fun I had when I read it!

Anonymous said...

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