January 31, 2005

Better Late Than Never

EDIT: Meant to post this last night but decided on spending the evening computer-free...

Well, it's been a week off work this week and it comes to an end tonight.

What have I accomplished this week? Not much but there is one bright ray of sunshine in this feeling of melancholy that I have - I feel rested and at peace with myself, I've started a new diet and I continue to be positive with the world that I'm in. I've had lots of time with the missus (though she would say I've spent a much bigger proportion on World of Warcraft rather than being with her) and we're feeling much more relaxed. She's even made the monumentous and incredibly difficult task of quitting smoking!

We have plenty of goals to reach though. Next on the list are our finances. Like all people living in London, we're hit by financial constraints, especially just now after Christmas. Thus we are in the process of sorting out a budget that will be stuck to dilengently.

A good website is here - there's something there for everyone so go check it out.

Watched a good (and thought provoking) movie on Friday afternoon - The Butterfly Effect. The movie's premise is "what if you could go back in time and change a moment of your life - possibly for the better - what would happen as a result?"

The answer would, of course, be complete disaster. I used to imagine myself getting good A-Level grades and going on to the University of my choice - East Anglia University. I liked the feel of the town, the vibes of the university and the layout of the courses.

But if I had gotten good grades, well then I would never have cemented my relationship with The Old Ealonians whom I only really met when I took my re-takes. I would never have gotten that job at Cyberia Ealing Internet Cafe which means I most likely would never have met Susan online.Freaky!

Finally finished The Crossroads of Twilight. Was it a good book? Ummm... Strictly 5 out of 10.

I enjoyed the conversation pieces between the main characters but the rest of it was tiresome. It very much felt as if Robert Jordan wanted to string out the whole story so he could make more money out of the series. Though I am a bit perturbed by TheNumNum's (and others) criticism that they can't understand the wordings and terms in The Wheel of Time, and that it isn't like The Lord of The Rings.

Maybe it's because there is so much of LotR in the media these days. I mean, they've turned the books into films, into cartoons. You can't not know who Frodo is now so surely the understanding of the books becomes a little easier. If they turned WoT into a cartoon series, would that make it easier to understand? Possibly, quite possibly.

In World of Warcraft, finally managed to get Ladonna to level 20. Whoa. Everything has changed. Previous to this level, everything was racial-based. You wander the Night Elf cities doing Night Elf quests. But now, you get to visit the Human cities, the Dwarven cities, etc. Right now, I'm in West Fall, in the Human lands, finishing off a quest for a gnome who lives in the Dwarven city of Ironforge. Weird...!

Not looking forward to going back to work. Why? I've heard rumours that things have been very busy at work and that tomorrow I shall be ensconced with all the shite that people have left to one side whilst I have been away with the intention of giving them to me when I return tomorrow.

Ah well. I will get up tomorrow nice and early. Have a coffee, shower, maybe have breakfast, get to work on time (early if I can manage it), draw up a list of things to do and see how many of them I can do before the end of the day.

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