January 13, 2005

My First Post


Well, finally here I am with my own blog.



I'll start with the usual questions - the what, who and why's.

A. What Is A Blog?

The term "Blog" is an abbreviation for the word Weblog. A more in-depth definition than anything I could offer can be found here.

B. Who am I?

Like many other people who blog, I would like to reserve a certain level of anonymity - not because I have something to hide, but because I may rant and rave about things that ordinarily would not reach polite conversation.

That said, there's plenty of other things I can tell you about myself.

1. I use the Internet handle "Crucifer" because my first Internet handle was becoming too well known. If you think you know it, try searching for it on Google - you'll come across pictures of me, forum posts and other sundry information.

(by the way, the name "Crucifer" comes from a UK comic called 2000ad - Crucifer is the name of one of the planets Durham Red visits after her millenia incarceration in a Suspended Animation pod.)

2. I am one of the Old Ealonians (I am actually the oldest of The Old Ealonians), a group of people who attended Ealing Green High School (now closed and taken over by a college). I wasn't in the same year as the other Old Ealonians but thanks to:

a) not being taught properly
b) being lazy

I flunked my exams and ended up in their year - probably the most soul-saving act that has happened so far in my life. I'm proud to call them my friends.

3. Among my many interests are:

Roleplaying Games - Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy, Call of Cthulhu and most games set in the White Wolf Universe.

Computer Games - including any Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games - Asheron's Call 2, World of Warcraft and City of Heroes

Practically anything in the Science Fiction and Fantasy mediums


C. Why the Blog?

The idea of creating a Blog originated as a New Year's Resolution to write more.

When I was younger, someone told me that I had a knack for writing but that to perfect it, I should take every opportunity to write as often as possible. Back then, the only thing I was ever interested in was Roleplaying so I wrote about that.


Nowadays, I'm enamoured by the Internet. It's a place where everyday individuals like you and I can put down our innermost thoughts, reflections and social commentary on "life, the universe and everything" in a medium populated by millions of computer users.


And so, here I am.

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B1RDIE Num Num said...

Welcome to Blogger. Am sure you'll find it fun to rant away, share your views and possibly a novel or two ;-)