January 23, 2005

On Holiday


I've been meaning to post again in the last couple of days (honestly I have) but things have been very busy, both at work and at home and I simply haven't been able to keep up with it all.

It's Susan's birthday this week so she and I have managed to scrape together 5 days holiday from last year so we can take this coming week off. No, we're not going anywhere in particular but it's nice with the beginning of a new year to be able to sit down, have a cup of coffee and let the worries slip away.

A friend who's just bought an LCD screen has kindly offered me his old 17" screen. That will most likely go to Susan as part of her birthday prezzies and if she doesn't like it, I'll nab it for myself.

I've also finally bought a 4 port ADSL modem router so that we can stop being dependant on the shitty program we use for Internet Connection sharing called
Wingate. Recently, all sorts of things have been going wrong and it's very frustrating for the person who's "piggybacking". This means I can play World of Warcraft and when things go wrong and I'm forced to restart, Susan can happily carry on with her surfing.

I'm now 300 pages into Crossroads of Twilight and I'm forced to reconsider my words in my third post. Yes, Robert Jordan does go on and on and on with his writing but you can't help but be drawn into his world. I'll probably change my mind once again later and just throw the book away but for now it's a good read and a gripping storyline.

Talking of books, I went to the library earlier this week and got some books out.

2 x Transformer Graphic Novels
Ill Met In Lankhmar & Farewell To Lankhmar by Fritz Lieber
Nobody True by James Herbert
Life of Pi by Yann Martell

I've already read the graphic novels. Hey, what can I say. I'm a fan of
Transformers. I'm not particularly into the notion of the cars and jets (I actually liked the Dinobots more) but I loved the idea of robots talking and able to transform into various shapes, etc. I've noticed the Transformers movie is at £3.99 in HMV so I'll most likely spend a little and grab it for myself. The movie is very well done and stars the voices of Leonard Nimoy (Galvatron) and Orson Welles (Unicron).

World of Warcraft-wise, I've created a new character called Ladonna who is a 10th level Night Elf Hunter. Hunters are better than rogues because they can "call" pets whom they can quest with. It's a great class for soloing and since Scythe and Kitten (two online friends of mine) currently don't have internet access it's something I can get on with whilst they're away.

By the way, Ladonna was one of the wizards of the Order of Black Robes in the
Dragonlance Chronicles. And if you haven't read them, do so now. These books are one of the cornerstones of Fantasy and especially Roleplaying.

That's all the trivia I can think of for now, expect another more serious post soon.

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B1RDIE Num Num said...

I've finished The Eye Of The World and will be releasing it into the wild this week. I can safely say that I do not wish to find out anything more about "The Man Who Calls Himself Bors" or anything else in that world.

Transformers are super duper fantastico. :) I love em dearly. Kids these days have lost the power of imagination, they no longer roll about on the floor with little toys dreaming up a world in which characters do battle and stuff. Instead they sit infront of a computer and play computer games that have amazing graphics, sound and gameplay. But its not the same really is it.

Life of Pi - let me know what you think of that one.

Happy Birthday to Susan...