December 26, 2007

Festive Cheer

It's been a while (again) since I posted, but thats generally because of various Work issues that have me tied up [not literally] from spending time writing. That is, if I appear to be typing an essay out, my bosses will want to read it. Thus, I have taken a much needed rest from blogging, collected my thoughts and spent many a day reading other people's.

One thing I have noticed about myself is that the older I get, the more cynical I become. It's not hard for me generally because in my present circumstances I see things around me every day going on that leave me astonished and a little outraged.

For example, yet again, another Christmas has come and gone. What did I see? Plump shoppers scurrying around spending their money on comparitively useless presents in an attempt to curry favour with friends and relatives. I can say all that because I fit into that category too.

Caught up with the Christmas (dare I say Capital-mas) festivities, I spent many a penny on things I thought Elsha would like. I wasn't far wrong with them either.

Christmas is just an odd time, a festival that appears to have nothing going for it but buying things for other people and watching them unwrap it. If you don't do that, the only thing that you can do over Christmas (at least in the UK) is watch TV. There are loads of good telly stuff on, and one of the best things you can do is sit down with the Christmas Edition of the Radio Times and circle all the things you want to watch.

Alas, this is something that doesn't exist in Perth, West Australia. And the problem with this, is that its summer over here. The peak of summer, no less. So when your UK-bred brain tells you that you should be stuffing your mouth full of mince pies and chocs, and watching tv films, in reality its nearly 40 degrees centigrade and there's nothing on because everyone is out at the beach, or having a bbq.

On the other hand, I'm not about to give back any of my presents as I got quite a haul.
Here they are in no uncertain order:

1. Wallet

A new wallet is always handy every so often, as your old one gets worn down by the amount of shrapnel you carry around with you.

2. Battlestar Galactica: Seasons 1-3 + Mini-series

A particularly good pressie as now Elsha can join in with me and watch BG. Although we will have to go back to the beginning again.

3. NCIS: Season 3

Mmm, I like NCIS. In fact, I like all the Detective Shows. Except Quincy.

4 & 5. Long Way Around & Long Way Down

A few years back, Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman (of Excalibur fame) decided to travel from London to New York. Via Alaska. And Russia. Yup, the long way around. Then, a few years later, they decided to travel fom the north of Scotland to the tip of Southern Africa. Via Europe.
Madness, but it makes for fun watching, those two.

6. $20 EB Voucher

Never a bad thing, this means I can buy something in the New Year sales. What, I wonder?

7. Dungeon Siege 2

Something I wanted.

8. Gothic 3

Something I didn't ask for but got anyway. Kudos.

9. Bottle of Red Wine

Just because sometimes its good to try something different.

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