December 31, 2007


Last week, as I lay in bed, it suddenly overwhelmed me. I finally felt homesick.

Well not homesick exactly. I'm not missing friends and family that much. No what I'm feeling sick over is that I'm not in London. That's the closest I can get to describing the feeling.

Living week by week in Perth is ok. Manageable. Thinking about being here for the next thirty years is horrible though. Living here week by week for thirty years isn't. Does that make sense to you? It doesn't to me. But that's how I feel. or felt, because as long as I think about it in terms of how it affects me month by month, I'm fine.

Elsha lasted a year and a half before she had to go back to Australia for a holiday, and she was going to go with or without me. Me, I can handle it for awhile longer.

But there is more to London than just friends and family. There are places I used to go to for R & R, shops I used to spend money in, pubs I used to drink at, restaurants I used to eat at.

I'm going to fight for a trip back to London, because I don't know when we'll get the opportunity again.

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TNN said...

It is important to visit friends and family now and then.

Otherwise you get a really bad case of sickness.

In reality its just missing something familiar.

We'll try to bring that back for a week or so soon ;-)