March 13, 2008

Return from the wilderness

After two months of wandering around in the blog wilderness that is the Internet, I have returned.

It's been a fun packed two months and there have been at least one momentus life changing event.

Essentially, my marital status has changed. Yup, Elsha and I have got married.

It was something we had had planned for a long time that once we returned to Australia we would plan a wedding and get hitched. Friends and family were invited over, and there was plenty of merriment. Indeed, it was good to see Kalistro and TheNumNum in person, and it was equally bizarre but fun to have them check out Perth. We did some sightseeing together but ultimately we had to spend a fair bit of time on wedding planning. I have to admit that Elsha did a lot of this - I only helped on the finer details - and everything went off without a hitch.

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SwissToni said...

hey - I'm a little late - but congratulations to you both! Excellent news! Hurray

*blows party horn*